Turnkey Solution

At Playfors, we offer everything in just a snap while making sure that what we give you is of top-quality. Aside from the fact that we provide excellent gaming solutions, we can also guarantee a quick launch and management of our products and services through our Turnkey Solution.

In contrast with ‘build to order’, Playfors Turnkey Solution pertains to a project that is ready for immediate use since it is constructed as a completed product before it could be sold to any customer. In simple words, these are pre-built ‘packages’. Everything you needed is included here – portfolio of brilliant games like Bitcoin slots, key services, management systems, and others. Though this can be compared to ‘ready-made’ products, you can be assured that every single feature in these bundles is worth your every single penny.

Playfors Turnkey Solution is actually the finest you can find in the Bitcoin gambling industry. We are amongst the pioneers to provide this feature to customers who want to build their business on bitcoin-powered betting platforms. It is our aim to meet every client’s operational requirement; hence, we have ensured that our solution brings top rated tools especially designed to maximize your gaming business’ profitability.

We empower our turnkey clients by giving them a hand in launching an outstanding bitcoin betting sites with little effort and reasonable financial investment.

Features offered in our Turnkey Solution:
  • Portfolio of anonymous games that are played with crypto-currency, specifically Bitcoins (BTC). These games are configurable; hence, you are free to choose your preferred odds, limits, and settings. More than that, these are all built using HTML5 technology allowing an easy fit in any type of mobile devices or android devices.
  • Firm and innovative gaming platform that is completely built, operated, and configured in-house and not just an assembled portal from different third party sources.
  • Excellent gaming software which includes management back-office, affiliate software, money processing components, and all the necessary technical services. You can be assured of high-standard services since Playfors hand-picked only staffs of high-caliber.

Our Turnkey Solution will definitely give your bitcoin gaming business a good start. With guaranteed launch of your bitcoin betting site in an unmatched short period of time, you will increase the chances of getting good profits and success in no time. You will never go wrong with us since our turnkey solution boasts of flexibility, outstanding quality, and cost-effectiveness.

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